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Oriori Ball

The Oriori ball is a grip strength excersiser. It can measure the grip pressure applied to it and it can vibrate. This device can be used as a haptical analog controller.

Bluetooth LE Connections

Observed behavior

The following information can be read from Bluetility

Model Number: 0000200001 Serial Number: SN Firmware Revision: V1.1.3 Software Revision: SW 9600 0dBm

The devices annouces itself as weixin-nini. It requires no pairing. It provides the following services.

FFB0FFB1Subscribe: ASCII Read Value (see below)
FEE7FEC7Write: Likely for the vibrator


Read Value

The Read Value is a simple ASCII string of the following shape AABCCC.C|

  • AA: Battery level, likely something between 00 and 99.
  • B: 1 if the pressure is increasing since the last measurement, 0 if not
  • C: The pressure applied in kg(/cm^2?), from 0.0 (if untouched) up to the maximum it can measure (have seen values up to 60.0).